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Do you belong to the dog? Are you asking questions about dog health, but do not know where to find answers? It is a common practice to get the facts about what you think about it. Even your burning questions about dog health were also answered

Question # 1: How can I say my dog ​​is ill?

It is easy to tell you if your pet is ill, take time to see the appearance and style of it. With people, it is very easy that a dog is affected by illness. Unfortunately, though the people can feel how they are feeling, dogs could not get it. So it’s better to pay attention to your dog’s condition.

You should be aware of any change that can show your dog. Take an important note of its hunger, its liquid consumption, urine frequency, normal appearance, sudden weight loss, and energy level. Ask your questions while monitoring your pet: Does she completely refuse to eat? Has he been imprisoned or wrapped or hard to go around? If you answer “yes,” your dog may be affected by health problems and its son should be taken.

Question # 2: How often should my dog ​​have to go?

The ideal number of checkups for the dog is once in the year. If you do not have an account yet, register now! I am sorry to hear from you. Try again. If you do not have an account yet, register now! I am sorry to hear from you. After six years of commencement, you have to take twice a year so that any health problems with the age can be detected and can be directly proven, and they are good and continuous healthy. The process can be ensured and the right health can be taken.

Question 3: Did I save my dog ​​/ spray?

As long as you are planning for a breeding facility, it is highly recommended that your dog should be saved (if it’s a man) for six months or spray (if the woman). About us

It makes them less aggressive. It also promotes their health. Cancer cancer can lead to cancer and chances of cancer cancer, while at the same rate women are below the lower risk of cancer. About us

Reduce the risk of diabetes cord and stomach infection or pneumatic contract to cope with it. On more practical and human notices, this rescue prevents inflammation in the number of poor, unwanted dogs or refugees. About us

In addition, it saves you trouble that every female dog is in heat, every time you have a male dog bone in your house.

Question # 4: The maximum land is normal?


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