APK mirror

APK mirror

What is an APK Mirror?
APK mirror is a website that provides APKs for android apps. If you
If you have trouble downloading an app from the Play Store, you can get it from APK Mirror’s website.

Besides, it is the only third party APK website that I trust because it is owned by Android Police. But still, there is little advice that one should only download apps from there if they are having trouble with the Play
Let me put it this way: There is usually no good reason to download an apk mirror site that outweighs the risk and inconvenience. The only way you can be sure is trusted is to verify the APK signature yourself. But with some unusual exceptions (see below) you might as well just download from Google
Play in that case.
Do you trust any Android APK mirror or download sites enough to
download from them?

If your app is not available for download on Google Play, that means it does not support your phone (and is likely to crash or run into other problems if you try to run it anyway, not mentioning the developer’s time with erroneous. crash reports) OR it is not available in your country because it contains in-app purchases but payments are not accepted in your county (in which case you may run into trouble using the app anyway).

There are a couple of special exceptions where there may be a valid reason: one if Google Play itself is not available in your country. The other is where paid apps are not available, but you only care about the free features and not the paid features. In this case, the first thing to do is check if the app is officially available from the developer on another app market, like the manufacturers market (Samsung Galaxy Apps, the Xiaomi App Store, etc.) or via a local market in Baidu or 360 China.

If, as a last resort, you have to download the app form somewhere else, look into how to validate APK signatures yourself, or see if the app maker has an official download link. If you are serious, it matters how trustworthy the mirror is, potentially putting yourself at risk for viruses or malware.



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