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 Best Law App

Best Law App

“Law Application” enables you to learn Act/Law of different nations inside Single Application, offering access to in excess of 350 Acts with single tick.

Cloud empowered ☁ “Law Application” downloads chosen Act/Law on your gadget which you can see later in disconnected mode also. Act/Law is refreshed consequently from cloud when new corrections are made accessible.

♥♥ Highlights of this FREE Application ♥♥

✓ Essential Act/Law of 11 nations [India, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Kenya, New Zealand, Spain, Sri-Lanka, UK, USA, Zimbabwe ] are accessible in computerized organization

✓ Once Act/Law is downloaded, you can peruse them without Web

✓ View in excess of 350 Act/Law inside single application without need to download separate application

✓ Cloud Empowered application – Checks and updates new alterations naturally without requirement for downloading total application once more

✓ View information area insightful/Section savvy

✓ Capacity to play sound for chosen area, utilizing Content To Discourse

✓ Tweak your perusing knowledge with Dark, Blue and a lot more topics ( Read before bed without stressing your eyes with Night mode )

✓ Propelled Easy to understand scan for any watchword inside Segment/Parts

✓ Capacity to see Most loved Segments for individual Act/Law

✓ Capacity to add notes to each segment (Clients can spare note, seek note, share note with companions/partners). So as to utilize this element client need to purchase by means of Google Checkout.

✓ Capacity to resize Text dimension for better coherence

✓ Application contains 350 + laws in classifications like Criminal Laws, Keeping money Laws, Corporate Laws, Mechanical and Work Laws, Constitutions, Different Laws and numerous more…..

✓ Acts/Laws are refreshed every now and again to incorporate most recent Alterations

“Law Application” contains the prominent Demonstrations, as:

IPC – Indian Correctional Code

Code Of Criminal Procedure(CrPC)

Modern And Work Laws

Joined States Constitution

Code of Common Methodology India

Constitution of India

Pay Duty Act 1961

Organizations Act 2013 and Standards

USA Opportunity Act

Indian Contract Act 1872

Supporters Act 1961

GST(Goods And Administrations Duty Act)

Hindu Marriage Act

Exchange of Property Act 1882

IEA – Indian Proof Act 1872

Engine Vehicles Act 1988


Buyer Security Act 1986

Debatable Instruments Act, 1881

Sarbanes-Oxley Act 2002

Intervention and Assuagement Act 1996

POCSO – Assurance of Youngsters from Sexual Offenses

Directly to Data Act (RTI)

Managing an account Direction Act

Indebtedness and Liquidation Code 2016

Criminal Law Act

The Detainees Demonstration  Best Law App

Explicit Help Act 1963  Best Law App

Hindu Progression Act 1956

Traditions Act and Principles 1962

Association Act 1932

Adolescent Equity Act 2015

Statisticians Act 2006

Closeout of Products Act 1930

Family Courts Act 1984

Impediment Act 1963

Data Innovation Act 2000 – IT Act

Unlawful Exercises Aversion Act

Opiate Medications Act

Anticipation of Debasement Act

Aggressive behavior at home Act

Probation of Guilty parties Act

Deadly Mishaps Act

Anticipation of Fear mongering Act  Best Law App

Sneak and Remote Trade Control Act  Best Law App

The Police Demonstration 1861

The Outskirt Security Power Act

Woodland Act

Untamed life Assurance Act

Condition Insurance Act  Best Law App

SEBI Posting Directions

The Data Innovation Act 2000


Administration Duty 1994

Focal Extract Act and Standards

Remote Trade The executives Demonstration – FEMA

Emotional wellness Care Act 2017

Immensely essential Indian state acts (Maharashtra, Karnataka … .)

Furthermore, some more… …

Download this application today to see far reaching rundown of Laws accessible.




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