cool math games unblocked

cool math games unblocked

cool math games unblocked

cool math games unblocked

The following games have a PREMIUM FEATURE for our subscribers: All game levels can be unlocked! If you’re not subscribed, don’t worry … you can still play the games normally.

Blocked From Coolmath Games?

Don’t worry, it’s easy to fix.

“” is now “” (we got rid of the dash).

You may need to add your IT administrator “” to your website list, as well as “”.

Feel free to contact us:

Students in school need a place to take their stress off work,

or just a cool-off from an essay. When we found out that was blocked in our school, we knew something had to be done. We had to keep us happy since elementary school, now they take this from us. Please help us with this petition, and get our Cool Math back.

Your goal is to help Daddy Longlegs wrap his holiday gifts for his daughter. Bring the fly to the gift box, or bring the gift box to the fly. Use your mouse to aim and fire a web to help you move around and climb walls


Link up all of the gears to get them turning. Click one gear and then another gear with your mouse to link them with a chain. You can only link gears of the same color, and can’t overlap chains with gears of that color. Some gears have a green or in the middle which mean that they can be moved. Click to pick one up and drop it on an open red spoke, then link or connect it to another gear to get it turning.






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