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What !? What do you mean Except, of course, you’ve always wondered, have not you? Or maybe, you’re just realizing that you’ve always been a little curious to see whether you would be a handsome male or gorgeous woman. Your Facebook friend will definitely like to know! With FaceApp, you can find out in just a few taps.

Female or male? FaceApp uses your photos using simple filters that take guesswork out of the equation. Gender is a decision, and with AI, you can make changes in seconds – whether you are in the office, at home, or out on the city, gender swap is easy to do!

If you’ve ever wondered how your face would look if you were the opposite gender, you are not alone. Curiosity is a great part of what makes us human. It’s part of how we learn, adapt, and even survive. A lot of our curiosity is built-in, and it’s how we learn about the world around us. Some other types of curiosity, like asking ‘why?’, Are just part of being human, and other types reflexes. Like how your friends will instantly want to find out more when they see that you have apparently swapped genders in seconds!

The good news is, we live in an information age where most of our answers to our questions-though random! -Are just a click away. So if you’ve ever thought you’d be a great looking guy or girl, FaceApp’s here to show you.

Upload your photo to FaceApp
FaceApp’s AI gets straight to work once you choose a photo from social media, or snap a selfie. Just upload it to the app, and it’s easy to change your photo using the home screen using different filters. Simply swipe to access filters such as Smile, Young, Old, Male, or Female. Then click, and transform, quicker than Superman flies out a burning building.

FaceApp lets you swap genders with one tap!
Using artificial intelligence and neural nets, FaceApp’s iOs and Android apps analyze thousands of example photos that have similar attributes to your face. Then, it works a little ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’ magic to turn you from female to male, or vice versa. With FaceApp, gender swapping becomes as simple as just a tap, bringing you the photorealistic results in seconds of seconds. The results may surprise you!

Shock your followers on Facebook and Instagram!
Share your photorealistic image on social media, and see what your friends and family think of you as a man or woman. What do they reckon Even better, surprise them! Does something about your new boyfriend ‘or’ girlfriend ‘remind you of them? Are they shocked to find your long lost brother or sister? Face Changer FaceApp

Share FaceApp with your friends, followers and family to find out what they look like, too! With FaceApp, you can upload photos of celebrities and more with a large range of photorealistic filters. Totally change your look whichever way you feel, any time and anywhere.

With FaceApp, it’s quick and easy to share your new look right away on Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or download it to keep yourself. FaceApp’s options also make it super-simple to design collages or GIFs that add that extra life to your new gender swap look. Why not share your pictures together before you share?

How would I look …
Fiery red hair? Golden blonde locks? Bangs? Glasses? How would I look if I was ten years old or younger? If you’ve ever wondered or you just want to mess around with your friends, FaceApp lets you find out instantly. Why not discover how you would look like a Hollywood star? FaceApp uses neural networks to bring you the most realistic transformations ever. Morph your face in some taps, play around with new looks, or just satisfy that curiosity for good. Surprise your Instagram followers, your Facebook friends, and your family, and see whether they can guess what’s really in that photo? bFace Changer FaceApp

FaceApp is easy to download, install, and get started with. It’s time to stop wondering and start finding out … how you would look if you swapped genders!  Face Changer FaceApp



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