Lithium EPUB Reader

Lithium EPUB Reader

V0.21 . 1 6 . 7 MB        V0.21 . 06 . 7MB         V0.20.2 5.7 MB V0.20.1 5.7 MB        V0.19.0 4.8 MB         V0.18.1 4.8 MB

Lithium EPUB Reader

Lithium EPUB Reader  Lithium is an EPUB peruser.• Programmed book recognition• Featuring and notes• Night and sepia subjects itch among pages and looking over• Worked with Material Structure

• 100% promotion free*

LITHIUM Professional

Move up to Professional to open the accompanying highlights, just as all future Ace highlights:

• Match up perusing position, features, notes, bookmarks and more over your gadgets with Google Drive. (Books themselves are not as of now matched up.)

• Custom perusing subjects (custom hues)

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