Niazi TV Latest Version 8.0 2019 Download Free Apk | Niazi Sports TV

Niazi TV Latest Version 8.0 2019 Download Free Apk | Niazi Sports TV

We are happy to announce that, we are launching another app after the great success of the Niazi TV App. Niazi Tube is the Lite version of the TV channel for all the users who are not the latest version of the TV.

نوٹ: برائے مہربانی اس ایپ کو چلانے کے لئے پہلی بار انٹرنیٹ پیکج کا استعمال کریں. تاکہ تمام سیٹنگز اور موجود چیزیں آپ کی ایپ کو لوڈ کریں. اس کے بعد آپ نیچے دی گئی سم پر مفت ایپ میں موجود سب کچھ دیکھ سکتے ہیں.
جاز، وارڈJAZZ

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Your can download now Niazi Tube fro Google Playstore or from here.

What is Nazi TV?

This is an Android Mobile app that can watch over 100 TV channels. In addition, there are over 70 channels you can watch for free without any package on Jazz. In addition, more than 100 plays and 500 movies are added, which can be used for free without jazz. Not only that, this app includes a new movie, songs and TV channels that you can watch for free.

What are the features of Nazi TV?

Nazi TV has the following features.
This includes more than 70 free Pakistani channels on the Jazz SIM card. (Can see with net package on other networks)
In this application you can see some of the cricket in the world and watch the result.
Includes 20 sports channels where you can see all types of games.
More than 40 Indian channels are added to this app.
This application includes 30 paid channels.
This application contains 15 FM radio stations that you can hear.
Hollywood, Bollywood, and Lollywood movies have been added to more than 500 free apps on the Jazz sim.
More than 70 of the most popular plays are performed in the app, which is free on the Jazz sim.
Most favorite TV shows are part of this application. As well as Coke Studio, Wrestling, Mazaq Raat, Siasi Theater and so on.
In addition, free animation applications are included in children.
Not only that, many of the songs are included in this very popular.
More than 20 famous gaming apps are included in Nazi TV, which you can play within the same application.
In addition to Nazism also will be included in a lot.

How to install Nazi TV after download?

First open and install the file that you downloaded. When the installation is complete, turn on the network or network (Wifi) that contains your package. After you open the new TV app, your app data will start loading. In the meanime, the app will be open. Then open each section and wait until all images are loaded. This way, your app will be fully installed. After all, you can also use it on a single network without a network.

How to update Nazi TV?

You must install the latest new application (Zia TV version 8.0) again. Then, you can update this app every day until new items arrive in your app. The simplest way to update is to run the Data Connection of the Net Package. Then open our application. You will be uploading new things like this in the app that you will be able to watch for free on SIM cards not included later.

Download (6.0MB)



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