Pixel Painter

Pixel Painter

Pixel Painter

The description of Pixel Painter
Pixel Art Online!
Become the best painter in the universe in this colorful online game!
Do you like drawing and playing charades? Then this game is for you! Kids love to draw, so we made the best drawing app for kids!

How to play Draw and Guess mode?
– Choose the word
– Draw it so others can guess it
– Try to guess the word if you are not drawing

How to play the Battle of Painters mode:

The round starts and you get a theme, the goal is to draw a drawing based on the given theme based on 5 minutes using a bunch of tools such as pencil, eraser, spray, square and circle shapes, line, bomb (erase everything) undo and redo tools. But you are not alone: ​​other players are drawing their pictures in front of you! There is a vote for the best picture after the round is over. The painting with the most votes wins the game!

Click and hold to perform an action

Do you like pixels, cubes, and voxels? Then download this game and enjoy
– Lots of different player skins
– Different girl skins
– Different boy skins
– Fun gameplay
– Battle of painters
– Charades aka Draw and Guess
– Paint and share your doodle with the growing community
– Many colors to choose from

Music by Kubbi http://www.kubbimusic.com/

Download Apk (36.0MB)


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