Survival Squad

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Survival Squad

Survival Squad

Join a huge number of others on your server and endeavor to prevail upon alternate players on the island—it’s that straightforward.

No out of line mechanics, no arbitrary draws. Everything you can depend on is your aptitude and your chill!

Presently, better prepare for the experience . The last one standing could very well be you!About

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survival Squad is a battle royale in the style of Playersunknown Battlegrounds, in which many players are stranded on an island full of weapons, but only one will leave alive. Or four, if you decide to play on teams.

Survival Squad has a typical control system for its genre: a virtual directional pad on the left side of the screen to control your character, and buttons on the right to shoot, duck, get down, jump, and aim with your weapon’s sight. Interact with objects, such as weapons or boxes, by tapping on the menu that appears when you get close to them.

All the players began the match in a plane. When you’re ready, jump out and -If you want to survive- start running and collecting weapons the moment you hit the ground. But the other players aren’t the only thing you have to worry about, there’s also a blue, fatal force field that’s slowly shrinking, and If it reaches you, it’ll kill you .




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