Walking Dead: Road to Survival

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Walking Dead: Road to Survival

Walking Dead: Road to Survival

Download Strolling Dead: Street to Survival APK v18.1.3.70615. Scopely, the makers of the Strolling Dead comic arrangement, brought this indisputably RPG diversion in which you need to make due by quarreling against the zombies that spread all through the city. To assault your rivals from their frail focuses, you need to develop your survivors and make methodologies to choose your way. Shape your town to keep zombies at limit however be hindrance. Your choices will be in charge of decisive.

It is an extraordinary amusement with great designs. The dull tasteful of this amusement reflects the decided choices you should make as you strategize for survival and furthermore giving choices to choose distinctive time zones to battle against dangers. With built up groups, you will make a sheltered zone, ensure the district and make a bearable city. You can tweak your city by evolving illustrations, workshop for specialty things, change weapons to improve fight quality.


Battle Walkers and Survivors

pick your best procedure to endure and


Weapons choices

Gather and Select Survivors

Overhaul Your Survivors

Form your group to manufacture their battling procedures, weapons and abilities

murdering more walkers make more grounded survivors by RPG Progression

System Diversion play

Speculation on Qualities and Endeavor Shortcomings

Discover another 3D map highlighting genuine areas from funnies of the strolling dead

Fabricate People group

adjust houses to catches Survivors, a Workshop to Interests things

PvP – Strike Foes

War online mode gives system to assault foes to assets

Vital Multiplayer fights

Partnership Groups and Online Technique

Multiplayer associations and battle systems guard you.

multiplayer with companions fabricate you and give you fight technique

Fight in Notorious The Strolling Dead Areas

shield regions by group battling

Fabricate Strategized Choices to alter the Story



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